Monday, 16 February 2009

I found these glasses in a charity shop the other day. The contrasting green stem looks great and they make quirky brandy glasses. In the background is a seconds Spode mug with a design by Kim Parker. I found an article about Kim years ago in an Elle Interiors magazine and then I bought this mug because I loved the naiviety of the design. It was some time later that I put two and two together and realised this was designed by the painter I had read about some years earlier.

Above is part of my collection of empty Bonne Maman jam jars lined up ready to be put to use. The cupboard was being throw out by a friend and I've stripped of several layers of very gluppy paint to get back to the original wood. i'm not sure whether to keep working on it or to re-paint it with eggshell in an off white.

... and here are some of the jars used to store herbs and spices!

The restoration project cupboard along with an aspidistra that has been getting in the way all winter in the kitchen. About 25 years ago my grandpa gave me a plant that had 3 or 4 leaves and from it I have grown 5 plants, this is the largest.. its actually more than one plant. It does get in the way a little.... but if a plant can have sentimental value then this one does!

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