Sunday, 15 February 2009

Josef Frank textiles designs - from the film Mamma Mia




mille fleurs


hawaii, black

la plata


Like many others I loved the styling, location and light achieved in the film Mamma Mia. I researched into the fabric designs used, particularly the shots on the big yacht and found they are the work of Josef Frank ( 1885-1967 ). A Viennese architech who fled Austria and made his home in Stockholm, Sweden.
During the 1930s, as the principal designer for the furnishings shop Svenskt Tenn, he helped to develop the softened, cozy, eclectic look that became characteristic of Sweden's unique contribution to modern design. Indeed, so successful were Frank's bright, colorful furnishings, fabrics, lamps, and rugs that many of his nearly 2,000 designs are still being produced by Svenskt Tenn today, and the spirit of Frank's warm and humane modernism remains a powerful influence in contemporary Scandinavian design.

I adore the bright colours and the celebration of pattern and design. I find them intoxicating in a western world where our homes and clothes seem to be so bland and lacking in individuality.

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