Tuesday, 17 February 2009

julie arkell workshop

The adorable Julie Arkell.

above 'Clarissa', the Doll that I made at the Julie Arkell workshop

all the dolls made on the workshop, sitting on the stairs together..

Julie's own dolls

loop is a gem of a shop at 41 Cross Street, Islington. They sell the most delicious yarns and all things knitting. I attended a workshop there run by Julie Arkell. It was held in the charming basement amid boxes and shelves of wools, we sat around a table like an original sewing circle.
It was wondeful.
Julie provided the dolls, as it takes around a week to create one of the papier mache forms therefore there was insufficient time to make one from scratch on the course. Each person then knitted a bonnet for their doll and then dressed her/him in whatever we chose under the guidance of Julie.
It was a wonderful day, a celebration of knitting and sewing skills that seem to be so rare and undervalued today.

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  1. Hi there..just found your blog site and its very colourful and beautifully rosie....also great to find another Julia Arkell fan i have a workshop booked for November at Loop with her and i am fantastically excited about it...all the wee dolls look so cute..i hope mine will be as good...great to find you.
    Pixie :)