Friday, 10 July 2009

thought for the day - bbc

below is an extract from yesterday's Radio 4 'thought for the day', about Bill Viola's video installation in St.Paul's Cathedral.

some of the things said below shout from the page as profound truths..

" This is why, in my view, Bill Viola's artworks are entirely appropriate for the cathedral. For Viola does not feed the impatient ego, forever greedy for the next new experience or the next glittering distraction. Rather, his work takes its lead from the wisdom of contemplative prayer where many have discovered in the discipline of silence profound sources of human nourishment that can shape our lives. We are often only aware of these when we remove ourselves from the maelstrom of perpetual forward motion where the big questions of life are easily and conveniently dodged. And I wonder if - amidst all this current talk of regulating banks and financial controls - the very simple proposition that we ought to slow things down a bit might actually have a far greater impact on our destructive boom and bust philosophy than any government legislation could ever hope to have. "

copyright 2009 BBC - Giles Fraser

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