Monday, 29 March 2010

Panic stricken gardener!

I've just had a wander around my small garden to assess the damage that a very severe winter, preceded by several years of wanton neglect on my part, have wrought to my garden.

I am now in a severe state of denial brought on by a light shower of rain, you can see already that the crux of the problem is that gardening is not really in my blood. After all what true gardener is rained off by a spring shower.

I began gardening when I lived in a small bedroom at home and always had a selection of pot plants which were cared for with 'prima-donna' -ish importance, their existence was rather like the rose in 'The Little Prince'.

I then moved on to living alone. Several blissful years in a second floor flat and would spend idle moments in the evenings tending a small collection of potted plants that lived on a small flat roof next to my front door. I should have realised that this was my plateau, I had reached the pinnacle of my gardening abilities. (I did not, foolishly I moved on!)

I then moved into a cottage which as its name suggests, Marsh Cottage, has a garden with 'bog like' characteristics. In blissful ignorance I got stuck in, totally inexperienced but brimming with enthusiasm and spurred on by other 'experienced' gardeners of my acquaintance. I created and planted two large herbaceous borders and a vegetable patch.
And they bloomed and were beautiful for a season.
My mother told me that herbaceous borders could be hard work. And I thought, as only a daughter can of her mothers advice, 'what on earth was she talking about!' ... it was all so easy, like falling off a.... wheelbarrow!
The following year I decided to start a part-time MA, as well as already working full-time, and then decided it was also the perfect time to have a baby. Along with all this we were trying to restore the cottage... with such 'mod cons' as central heating, a new electricity supply, a working kitchen and a clean white bathroom.... etc

So here I sit..... procrastinating....
In the post this morning I received a book that I'd recently ordered.... 'Organise Yourself' by John Caunt.... (good surname! oh, but you can and you will) . And that quote springs to mind...

'If at first you don't succeed
......try to hide your astonishment'

It is little wonder that what lies outside my door is a riot of weeds and dis-organisation... and what I fear most is about to happen, the sun will come out, it will cast its warmth and light over the terrain and every plant, whether it be planted there by intention or planted there at its own predestination, will begin to grow as if its life depended on it!!!!!

Gardens, I realize now, take a lot of time, dedicated commitment, hard and un-glamorous work, money... and a 'gardener'! (I also realize, along with the fact that I am not a natural gardener, that I am also not Superwoman! but I do quite like the outfit!!!)

I am going to make a coffee, sit down and then come up with a plan.
There will be submission involved.... I will win this battle! There will be a garden again!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

photographed this weekend,
March 2010 in Cornwall

this is the sign that Winter is over and Spring is on its way!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


pebbles, seashore, flotsam and jetsam, sand, water, rock, stone....

washed out colour, sea worn, wind torn...

seeds that take the shape of pebbles....

throwing pebbles
splashes and sploshes
skimming stones
casting out to sea, memories
throwing to the waves, messages
homely, familiar shapes
hard, permanent rock worn away by water, pebbles and time
patterns, veins and marble threads, colour
everyday jewels