Sunday, 2 May 2010

recent designs...

I haven't blogged for ages....

so here it is. I've spent the weekend transferring a design that I produced last week onto a lino. Although I have the design laid out, I've been planning the marks for cutting it out as I have been going along. I'm hoping to finish it so that I can print it on Tuesday morning. I'll blog a picture of the print when it is complete. It's called 'Mistle Thrush amongst the Rhubarb'. Looking at it now on the screen I can see certain elements in the composition that I would like to modify but I'll complete this one first before contemplating Mark II.

I also have another design that I want to produce as an Etching. The page on the left is a layout design for the Chine Colle that will be incorporated with the image on the right, which I'll print as an Etching. I'm still deciding whether to do it as a Hard or Soft ground etc....


  1. Hi Anneliese,

    Very happy to have discovered your blog via Sue Brown's blog. I've just spent several minutes looking at a few pages and will be back to visit often. Many lovely things here! Cheers...Gloria

  2. Have you considered painting the watercolour like effect onto your printmaking paper. Then put the dry paper into the water tray to soak before you print the etching onto it? I love printing on to paper I have previously watercolour stained.

    Another possibility (although it might be against your religion so to speak11) is to do the watercolour stain onto watercolour paper, scan it and print it out using an inkjet pigment archival printer onto printmaking paper.

    Then print your etch plate on top. I have a blog about artists doing this kind of hybrid activities and I do them myself.