Monday, 9 August 2010

... I like it, but do I want it?

as I was growing up, one of the comments my mother made to me when we were out shopping was "you can't 'have' everything!"

I couldn't quite understand what she was talking about, then I realised that everytime I said "Oh, I like that!" my mother assumed that I wanted to buy it!
but 'no'.... it's my eyes you see, I live through my eyes!
and when I 'see' things my brain asks internal questions, my brain measures what it is seeing, my brain decides if it likes or it doesn't like it 'visually' and quite often it saves the visual information for a later date. Needless to say I am dyslexic and cannot remember dates, numbers or facts or anything else that a standard western education deems 'useful' and measurable!....
but hey! I can carry a colour around in my head for months and then colour match it at any later date and I can remember where to find an image, going back for years.

This is what I am good at... visual stuff!
Maybe, now I have internalized that conversation that says 'Oh, I like that!' so as not to confuse others and mothers!!!!

....look what I just found whilst blogging... (
"Oh, I like that!"


  1. It's the same with me, I say 'I like that' but I just mean that I like it and enjoyed seeing it. Like you I can store colours and images for years and retrieve them. It doesn't mean that it would suit me or our house, I just like it... like I said.

    I don't think I'm dislexic - no-one's ever told me that I am... but I can only 'do' maths if I see the numbers written down. If I do mental arithmetics I have to picture the numbers in my mind's eye.

    I like that little dish

  2. I want that little dish!
    I often see things that I like the image of but are not right for me to own. With such things I print the pictures off and paste them over finished bits in my diary. I now have had four years of doing this and these diaries are just the best.
    Thank's for visiting my blog Anneliese, I am enjoying this one and looking forward to how your other two develop.