Monday, 6 December 2010

'the future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of their dreams'

Eleanor Roosevelt

recent creation in silver

cuff links - lost wax cast shells

coat pin
this design was influenced by Kirsten Gavler and Scandinavian design

pendant - lost wax cast
I'm planning to hang some potato pearls and some glass beads alongside this silver shell

pendant - collaged silver and granules

a bit of collage!

I've been playing with paint and paper.... came up with this...

...onto an initial drawing of the vessels, I cut paper to fit around the objects, above and below. The pots are painted in water-colour and the swirls and blots are in acrylic. I may add more to this... I want the finished thing to look really meaty.

I wanted the feel of this to be Naive and for the emphasis to be on texture and materials rather than seeking to achieve perfection in representation.

The bird jug in this image was a gift to me from an x-student. It is created by the ceramicist Laurence McGowan, these a link below to his website.

Laurence McGowan

Another ceramicist who is a favorite of mine and creates vessels with representations of birds on their surface is Kevin Warren, see his work at the Bircham Gallery Kevin Warren