Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I've just assisted at a photo shoot for a friend, Caroline Potter, who is a brilliant photographer and here are a few of my modest efforts...
it was the most amazing day, I loved every second of it!
Caroline's website is to be found at this link http://www.carolinepotterphoto.moonfruit.com

The location was an amazing treasure of a place hidden away in the Herefordshire countryside near Ledbury. It is just oozing with atmosphere, character and history. Stunning and unspoilt!


  1. Oh my these are photos any bride and her mother would want! Lucky you to get to participate in this experience. I hope you get more.

  2. You did more than assist poppet, creative input aplenty. lovely results collaboration is always great with the right people x

  3. I think brides are fascinating subjects -- and so difficult to draw!