Monday, 18 November 2013

christmas 2013

I'm playing around designing a Christmas card for 2013
wanting it to be a bit Scandinavian looking

this is a sketch mocked up in photoshop

It's funny (annoying) when a rough sketch, bodged around in photoshop, leaves you thinking that this image might actually be better than the final lino print, sometimes it's best to stop, just after you've started, before something becomes over refined!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Virginia Woolf's writing hut

        I was recently approached by a lovely couple who have bought two of my prints to display on the wall of their Garden Room Project.  The Garden Room they have created is in the style of Virginia Woolf's writing hut and they have made a beautiful task of recreating it in their own garden.  I was invited to visit the hut with the prints; 'A Bird and a Fish' and 'Inconstant Moon', now framed, and displayed on the wall.
The hut is gorgeous, it's been created so lovingly with such care for detail.... I'm wondering when I'll be able to fit one into my own garden so that I too can have a 'room of my own'!

The beautifully finished interior of the Garden Room with my prints hanging on the wall - it's so lovely to see them in someone else's environment and feels quite strange, as so much personal involvement has gone into designing and printing them.   It's as if a little bit of me is hanging there on the wall.   It's the first time I have actually seen my prints on someone else's wall.  I'm touched that they have been placed in such a lovely setting.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


Exciting to see that Border Oak are using the artwork I produced for their Christmas Card last year as the banner for their blog.
Their timber frame homes are beautiful!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Life is messy, love is messy

And so she remained
stitched up
buttoned up
and proper

So that life couldn't go wrong
Or get messy

So that life couldn't hurt her

And her heart froze
life fell apart
around her.


Monday, 22 July 2013

i haven't left a message here for a long time......

....but I feel that things are going to get started again.

I've been pre-occupied learning some of the ropes at Tilley Letterpress Printing and doing some blogging for us there.  
First I'll tell you about an exhibition I currently have at the Shellhouse Gallery, Ledbury, Herefordshire.  It is entitled 'Linocut & Letterpress' and has been running for the start if July until 3rd August 2013, it's private view coincided with the launch of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.