Monday, 24 February 2014

Orchard for Rural Media 'Life Loves to Change'

Last summer I was asked to produce a piece of printmaking for the Rural Media Company's film 'Life Loves to Change'.   I was commissioned to produce a lino-print and a length of fabric based on a generic impression of a Herefordshire orchard.  

So, I went from the brief and produced a tree that stood with it's root on view and repeated it across the fabric so that it could be filmed with apples being embroidered onto the surface.  I had not printed Lino onto fabric and used a repeat before and it was great fun.  It was all a bit 'Heath Robinson' working on the kitchen table and burnishing the back of the Lino with a wooden spoon.  I was delighted with the result, as were the Rural Media Company.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Printer's Pie

John Randle of the Whittington Press asked if I would like to write an article about Tilley Letterpress Printing and produce a print for this years Matrix, which will be edition 32.   It seemed fitting to use the idea I had some time ago based on 'Printer's Pie'.  Printer's Pie is the phrase used when type falls out of the composing stick and becomes a mix up of letters, which is a bit of a proverbial pain to sort out!

Over the past month I have cut the Lino and printed the final edition of just over 700 prints consisting of four layers/colours, so here is a preview,  if you would like your very own version please apply to The Whittington Press to purchase a copy of Matrix.  A journal about Fine Print Presses and traditional Letterpresses around the world.