Tuesday, 8 July 2014

1st design for wallpaper - Lupins

I'm busy transferring a wallpaper design of Lupins to a huge piece of lino...   I have no idea how long it will take to cut, I'm setting a two week deadline!

    I'm really looking forward to printing it as I love Lupins, they have fantastic architectural structure and will look fantastic as wallpaper.

It's the second design I've transferred to lino but decided not to cut the other one which was of 
Wild Sweet Bryony, I wasn't that enthused to start cutting that one.  Also I had transferred it in reverse which I will not want when I get the Offset Press.  It wasn't the design/drawings just the fact I had reversed it.  I'm not good at having to repeat anything!  So I'm having faith that a press will materialise and in the meantime I will cut the right way around and proof it 'back to front'.

I was in the process of buying an appropriate press to print the wallpaper.  The press I have in the garage is an etching press and although it can be adapted to print Relief it isn't suitable for wallpaper (my press will be for sale shortly - it is big, just in case you are interested! and will need professional removal - also have an electric top loading kiln if anyone is interested, also for sale).  

A suitable press for what I am doing now had just come up and I've lost it to someone else, feeling really disappointed and praying that another one will come up from somewhere.  They are fairly few and far between!  It's so frustrating to think how many of them must have been scrapped and melted down.

I'll hold onto the promise that someday I will print my artistic designs and crafts in gold, silver and bronze.  I think this design, printed onto Duck Egg Blue, in Bronze or Silver would look amazing. 

must get on - plenty of cutting to do!
more photos to follow...

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