Saturday, 25 April 2015

How to 'double-cut' wallpaper...

Just 'one' of this weeks learning steps for me has been into the world of 'splicing' or 'double-cutting' wallpaper.  

The papers that I am hand printing comes with an untrimmed margin.  I have chosen to produce it this way for technical reasons and because this is what appears to be the market norm with hand printed wallpapers. I had no idea how this paper would be trimmed and then hung, until this week!  In my own experiments with hanging the paper, I have hand cut the margins before pasting and then hanging. 
It might have been advantageous for me to research into the technique of hanging untrimmed paper earlier in my business venture, but with so many other things to discover and problems to solve, it is something that I just pushed to the back of my mind.

This week, with my first paper being hung by a professional decorator at The Alma Inn in Linton, Herefordshire, I discovered the techniques which are employed when hanging an untrimmed paper. 

The video below, published by Cliff Hayes at Sutton Innovations, clearly illustrates the process. 

So the work has progressed at The Alma and here are a few pictures from my week in hand printed wallpaper.

The Master Decorator in action doing his magic.  Taking my dream of hand-printed wallpaper and making it a reality!

Decorator's Tool Box .... holding the tools of his trade, the gorgeous wooden box relating the patina of work and time!

....and earlier in the week... a photo from the studio floor of the roller with the inky image offset!  It looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist stopping to capture the fleeting moment, before it disappeared under more layers of ink.

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